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Here are answers to the most common questions we get about installing concrete flat-work. If you have other questions don't hesitate to contact us here.


Is AAA Concrete Services insured?

Yes, we carry insurance. Feel free to ask for proof of insurance during your quote.


Can your bid change?

We do our best to keep our estimates accurate, however, customer add-ons and unforeseen ground preparation can add to an estimate. We always inform the customer when additional fees apply.


Do you landscape after projects are finished.

If requested, black dirt can be filled along project for an additional fee.


Do you haul away existing concrete?

Yes, concrete removal is included in the bid as tear out and disposal.


Will you be using heavy equipment to drive on My lawn?

Yes, unfortunately driving on a lawn to access areas of the project cannot be avoided. However, we take care to minimize damage. A lawn can be easily repaired with a little landscape work.


Do you saw cut concrete?

Yes, all slabs are saw cut proportional to sizes. This helps to prevent cracking of slabs as the ground settles and shifts due to changes in weather.


Why can't you pour concrete on black dirt or top soil? Why do you need to compact the fill?

Top Soil is not suitable as a base layer for concrete, a good compacted road base gravel should be used under all slabs. This helps to prevent unwanted cracking of concrete and sinking due to changes in weather.


Who calls 811 for locations of buried cables?

AAA Concrete Services will make the call to ensure flags are placed to indicate buried utilities.


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